phx42 is the latest FID analyzer designed by LDAR technicians for LDAR technicians to perform Method 21 inspections.

  • EXTERNAL PDA CONTROL: Entirely controlled by a hand-held PDA. phx42 also includes powerful datalogging software that can be used to create electronic records of inspections.
  • CONTROL OF HYDROGEN: Major improvements have been made to the control of Hydrogen. Manual adjustment will no longer be needed.
  • EXTENDED RANGE: phx42 is still an FID, but the upper range has been raised drastically over phx21.
  • EXPANDED SAFETY CERTIFICATIONS: Responding to worldwide demand, that require expanded safety certifications, we are in the process of certifying the phx42 to 27 different standards.
  • INNOVATION: 8 years of working with phx21 and hundreds of customers have paved the way to phx42.

Special Features

  • PUMP THROTTLING & DEADHEAD DETECTION: Computerized pump throttling maintains a consistent sample flow--particularly when the filter has been partially blocked.
  • 21 FAILSAFE: Techs cannot inadvertently use a phx42, for route monitoring, that has not been properly calibrated for that day using Cal4. *This feature can be disabled for customers not using Cal4.0.
  • DATA & ANALYZER FEEDBACK: Log files are recorded every 2 secs, on the mainboard, including battery voltage, high & low pressure H2 levels, ppm, pump power, exhaust pressure and thermocouple temp. SDKs also available for common platforms.
  • BATTERY: A state of the art battery has been developed, which extends service life compared to the phx21 battery. Warranty has been increased from 90 days to one year.
  • FILTER DETECTION: phx42 will be able to detect if a filter is in place, and will not let you monitor if filter is missing.
  • PORTABILITY: Even smaller and lighter unit, the phx42 makes life a little easier for the technician.

Quick Specs

The Basics

  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Hydrogen Fill Adapter Required
  • External Handheld Required
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Compatible with Spanbox5, SpanBoxLite530, and SpanBoxLite510

Included with phx42

  • Standard Probe
  • Pelican Case
  • Battery Charger

phx42 Add-Ons (Additional Costs)

  • ES Protected Backpack
  • Level 1 Certification (Request Details)

Software Requirements

  • Windows Mobile 6.5+ for LTIMobile
  • Android 5+ for Freedom